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Certbot plugin for authentication using Gandi LiveDNS

This is a plugin for Certbot that uses the Gandi LiveDNS API to allow Gandi customers to prove control of a domain name.

  1. Obtain a Gandi API token (see Gandi LiveDNS API)

  2. Install the plugin:

    pip install 'git+'
  3. Create a gandi.ini config file with the following contents:


    Replace APIKEY with your Gandi API key and ensure permissions are set to disallow access to other users.

  4. Run certbot and direct it to use the plugin for authentication and to use the config file created in (3):

    certbot certonly -a certbot-plugin-gandi:dns --certbot-plugin-gandi:dns-credentials gandi.ini -d

    You generally want to use an absolute path to specify gandi.ini.

For more additional options, e.g. to specify an installation plugin and more, refer to the certbot documentation.
It is especially recommended you use the --cert-name option to specify a name for your new certificate, because the certbot will create a config you can use for renewals later.